Next Event: Sat.Aug.14.2021 @ Hyatt Regency ATL (Downtown)

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😷 FACE MASKS are required and shall be WORN by ALL PERSONS (including those that are vaccinated) at our event. We will make TWO reasonable exceptions: masks may be removed (1) when drinking a beverage; or (2) when dancing on the dance floor. Otherwise, PLEASE MASK UP.


Future Events:

  • Aug-14-2021 @ Hyatt Regency ATL
  • September 2021 – TBA
  • October 2021 – TBA
  • November 2021 – TBA
  • December 2021 – TBA
  • January 2022 – TBA
  • February 2022 – TBA
  • March 2022 – TBA

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Since 2003, we have proudly delivered exceptional “EVENTexperiences for our Old School Nation.  Our DJs deliver the music we all remember that covers the 80s, and 90s, and early 00s.  The music is essentially “The Soundtrack of Your Life.”   You’ll love the OSS Experience  and the welcomed trip down musical memory lane.


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